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Step 1 – Reduce calorie absorption
Appl’In™ – Clinically shown to reduce sugar calories absorbed by almost 60%
Step 2 – Increase calorie burning
Capsimax™ – Clinically proven to burn more calories before, during and after exercise
Natural Caffeine – Helps boost calorie burning
Bioperine™ – Boosts metabolism and thermogenesis
Step 3 – Burn Fat, Not Muscle!
Advantra Z® – Clinically proven to Increase lean muscle mass to total body mass
Ursolic Acid – Preliminary animal research shows an increase in muscle while decreasing fat
ChromeMate® – Research shows a loss of body fat, without causing a loss in lean body mass


Product Description

Fit Club's Pre-X product
Most people know that to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you put in – creating a calorie deficit. The best advice is to eat right (less calories in) and exercise (more calories out). This is proven to be effective in the battle against fat. Here’s the rub. When you create a calorie deficit, your body can tear down muscle to use as calories. So what’s wrong with losing a little muscle in the process?
Muscle burns calories all day long. Just 2.5 lbs of muscle burn about 125 calories a day, or about 3750 calories per month, which is the equivalent to over a pound of fat per month!

So if you lost 8lbs – 5.5lbs of fat and 2.5 lbs of muscle, and you ate the same calories, you could actually gain weight because you now have less calorie-burning muscle. Every time you thought you were doing good by dropping a few pounds you were setting the stage to gain back more weight than you started with and possibly gain it back faster!

Just like exercise and eating right, the ideal approach is to get off the “weight loss/muscle loss/weight gain” spiral and join the “Fat Loss” Club. That is why we formulated a product, backed by 5 patented, clinically researched ingredients shown to help you “Lose the Fat, Not the Muscle”.




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